Okan Partners' reports

Since 2019, Okan Partners has been partnering with the AFRICA CEO FORUM to analyse key economic themes on the African continent. Each year, they focus on a different theme:


  • 2019: African Logistics – Time for revolution


  • 2020: Africa’s Ports – Fast-tracking transformation


  • 2021: Special Economic Zones – Catalysts for African industrialisation


  • 2022: Urban transport in Africa – Building sustainable cities for the future


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Urban transport in Africa (2022)

The demand for urban infrastructure and mobility services is experiencing a tremendous acceleration across the continent, fuelled by an exceptional population growth. This report presents six recommendations to transform urban mobility and build the cities of tomorrow in Africa.
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Special Economic Zone (2021)

Special Economic Zones can be formidable tools for industrial development. However, success is not automatic, and there are numerous pitfalls. This report offers six recommendations, drawn from nearly 20 case studies, to make SEZs true catalysts for the industrialisation of the continent.
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A partnership with the AFRICA CEO FORUM

The reports are published in partnership with the Africa CEO Forum, the largest international conference dedicated to the African private sector, organised by the Jeune Afrique Group.



Africa’s Ports (2020)

The modernisation of the African port sector has produced some spectacular results, with the emergence of global champions such as Tanger Med, Port Said, Djibouti, and more. What should public and private decision-makers do to accelerate progress even further?
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African Logistics (2019)

While the modernisation of the sector is underway, African logistics still lacks the necessary competitiveness and sophistication to support African growth and facilitate the establishment of the African Continental Free Trade Area. For decision-makers and operators on the continent, what are the paths to follow?
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