For the fifth year running, Okan Partners commits to supporting African students

As part of its philanthropic policy, Okan Partners renews its commitment and financial support for the Enko Education school group. The two groups have set up a scholarship program to provide financial support for students across the African continent.

Created in 2019, the “Okan Excellence” scholarships emphasize Okan Partners’ interest in quality education, the driving force behind development on the African continent. Okan Partners and Enko Education have forged a solid partnership for over five years to give high-potential young people from disadvantaged backgrounds the opportunity to access international education through Enko Education schools. Enko Education schools are African international schools whose mission is to increase access for sub-Saharan students to major universities through quality secondary education.

This year, Okan Partners is delighted to support sixteen students in schools belonging to the Enko Education network: Enko Ouaga in Burkina Faso, Enko Bonanjo and Enko La Gaieté in Cameroon, Enko Riviera in Côte d’Ivoire and Enko Dakar in Senegal.